Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising


Learn how to use Facebook advertising to promote and grow your business. 

  • About this Workshop

    We'll take you through everything from setting up your account in Ads Manager, creating clear media objectives, identifying new potential audiences, exploring creative options, through to reporting and optimising.

    You'll walk away with a ready to go advertising campaign for your business. 

    What we'll cover:

    - Facebook Ads Strategy
    - Understanding the Facebook pixel
    - Designing a simple ads funnel
    - Understanding advertising objectives
    - Navigating the Facebook Ads Dashboard
    - Audience targeting + retargeting options
    - Creating audiences to target your ideal customer
    - Understanding the Facebook ad campaign structure
    - Ad Creative formats
    - Ad testing and optimisation options
    - Reporting – how to interpret your results and analytics
    - Ads/Business Manager

    + Lots of workshopping time!

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