LinkedIn: Navigating and Leveraging the platform

LinkedIn: Navigating and Leveraging the platform


Creating and managing a professional profile on LinkedIn is an increasingly essential part of any business’s lead generation strategy, and one of the most important platforms for professionals to understand and be tapped into.

  • About this Workshop

    This workshop will guide you in optimising your LinkedIn Profile, building your relationships, and give you strategies on how to leverage the platform's features.


    In this workshop, we'll cover:

    • How to optimise your personal profile

    • How to build a killer company page and get the most out of it

    • The value of connecting and engaging with your LinkedIn network

    • Which groups to join, and how best to interact with them

    • How to use the platform to recruit and search for jobs

    • How to create, curate and converse to build thought leadership, authority, and influential relationships.

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