Social Media Branding and Strategy

Social Media Branding and Strategy


Learn how to create your social media strategy and build a brand that your customers will love. 

  • About this Workshop

    This workshop is for start-ups and small business owners who understand the importance of having an online presence but are feeling overwhelmed with Social Media platforms and how to dominate their presence.

    You'll walk away with a customised social media strategic plan for your business. 

    What we'll cover:

    • The digital landscape

    • What platforms your brand should be on

    • Building your social media strategy

    • Establishing your vision

    • Identifying your audience

    • Selecting the right objectives and goals

    • The importance of Content marketing

    • Building your Content Marketing strategy

    • Content Marketing tips and tricks

    • Facebook specific tips and tricks

    • Instagram specific tips and tricks

    + Lots of workshopping time!

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